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Because independence means you don't just listen to what the boss tells you!

A quick word about the links, and about the information in the media, on the internet, on cable TV and in general. 

While it's sometimes fun to play "Keep up with the market." it's actually, in our opinion, a dangerous pastime.

One ALWAYS needs to keep in mind the old adage about Wall Street "If there is a dollar on the sidewalk, nobody is going to pick it up and put it in your pocket!" What is said by commentators needs to be taken with a large grain of salt.

One other truism that comes to mind is "Past performance does not guarantee future results" be especially mindful of this when looking at the fabulous gains that 'XYZ' investment returned.

This list is an evolving effort. If you want to recommend a site please use the email link on the Home page.

Note that we may have added links to websites of stock we may hold broadly in client portfolios. This is not to be construed as recommendation of these positions. Nor should one think that this list is exhaustive in its inclusion of all current, past and or future positions.

  • CEF Connect – Information about Closed End Funds.
  • Market Watch – Good place for Wall Street Journal intraday information.
  • Morningstar – The leader in Open End Mutual Fund Ratings.
  • MSN Money – So much Stock Market gossip, all in one place
  • CNBC – CNBC’s website.
  • Fox Business – Fox Business’ website.Who says I’m not “Fair and Balanced”?
  • New York Times Business Section – NY is the center of business and the NYT is there.
  • S&P – Standard and Poors
  • Zillow – Look up the market value of your real estate.
  • CPI – The Government site for the Consumer Price Index
  • PPI – The government site for the Producer Price Index
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics – From A-Y (no K or X) all of the economic statistics put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • EMMA @ MSRB – Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.
    Find the official statement, continuing disclosures and trade price information for a specific bond, note or other municipal security (for best results, use CUSIP number). Also find a glossary of terms for Municipal bonds. Also find a search for 529 plans here.
  • CIA World Factbook – The CIA’s information on the coutries around the globe, good to know when you’re looking to invest globally.
  • Earnings Releases- This Defaults to CSCO but input the symbol and find when they report earning plus a lot of other information.
  • Spot Prices- See the Spot prices for Gold Silver and other metals.
  • U.S.Energy Information Administration- An excellent resource from the Department Of Energy.


The web sites listed are being provided for information purposes only. Although we assume the information is factually accurate, we are not responsible for the content as we are not affiliated with and do not endorse, authorize or sponsor any of the listed Web sites or their respective sponsors. First Allied Securities, Inc. is not affiliated with and does not endorse, authorize or sponsor any of the listed websites or their respective sponsors. First Allied Securities, Inc. is not responsible for the content of any website or the collection or use of information regarding website's users and/or members.